woodlands subdivision

Location: Quail Rise, Queenstown
Contract Value: $620,000
Project Completion Date:  ​2018
Company: Southern Developments Limited

Project Details:

The project is a 17-lot subdivision in Quail Rise involving earthworks, roading and drainage.

The earthworks component involved 3,000m3 of bulk earthworks including topsoil stripping, cut to fill, topsoil screening and re spreading, rock excavation, rock breaking, and removal off site.  The site required rock blasting in places and as it was in a residential area, care had to be taken  not to disturb neighboring properties.  Deep trenching was required - up to 6m deep and a total of 500m of water reticulation was installed.   All the PE pipe welding and pressure testing was completed in house.  2,000m2 of new pavement was installed using Wilson’s produced Road Metals and our GPS machine control graders. The timber edging and footpath construction was also completed by Wilsons.