Location: Gore
Contract Value: $1,028M
Project Completion Date:  2019
Company: Gore District Council

Project Details:

A section of the Ajax project was to upgrade the main gravity lines from Waiau Street to the new pump station. This contract involved installing over 400m of 475mm SN8 PVC pipe ranging from 3.0 - 4.5m deep. This was extremely challenging due to the ground conditions (running gravels) and a water table which resided at 1.5m deep.

The project also included:

  • Installing 8 x 1200mm diameter MH’s
  • Installing 3 x 1050mm diameter MH’s
  • Connecting the 475mm gravity sewer line into Ajax Pump Station 
  • Performing live link in’s with the surrounding network
  • Installing 6 x 9m deep 400mm steel bores on Waiau Street to assist with the significant dewatering process that was required to lay at the associated depths
  • Abiding by all consents associated with the significant dewatering process i.e. using flowmeters to monitor the quantities of water withdrawn and managing ground discharge of local nearby buildings by survey,. Achieving and constantly monitoring 80% dissolved oxygen levels when discharging water to the nearby creek.