Wilson Contractors have a number of staff who are actively committed to waste minimisation, carbon reduction and climate change. As a company we are very aware of how the construction industry should manage waste and we are keen to lead the way by informing employees and bettering company culture.

As a Waste Minimisation Community Fund project our Site Engineer, Pauline Bard, attended a workshop delivered by Wastebusters and Queenstown Lakes District Council. All attendees were invited to submit an expression of interest to receive a free waste audit and Wilson Contractors was one of the four businesses selected.

Wastebusters is a community enterprise with a mission to lead the way to zero waste. They have undertaken a company audit process which has examined how we approach collection and management. This identified the volume and composition of reuse and recycling opportunities, as well as areas that we could improve on. In conversations with staff the audit team observed a culture of resourcefulness and reuse.

“We try to reuse as much as possible. You have to make do with what you have. Once you start having that kind of attitude it’s just what you do.”                                                   Craig Hoffman

This is an ongoing process which will continue with educating and changing habits of employees.  We will make recycling and reuse a priority which we will highlight to our clients including opportunities to amend specifications to better align with environmental outcomes.