Roxburgh gorge cycle trail

Location: Alexandra to Roxburgh Dam
Project Completion Date:  May 2013
Company: Roxburgh Gorge Trail
                   Charitable Trust

Project Details:

The project involved building 12.25km of new cycle trail through rugged terrain from Alexandra to the Roxburgh Dam.  Difficult rocky outcrops required specialised rock drilling equipment for the excavators which was built in-house.  More than 3,800m3 of material was excavated for the new trail, through heavy frosts, snow and rainfall.  A number of boardwalks, timber retaining walls, steel and timber safety fences, cattlestops and deer fences were installed throughout the trail construction.  AP20 gravel was crushed onsite and stockpiled ready to spread on the track with an adapted asphalt paver, which spread to the specified depth and width of the track minimizing any loss of gravel. 

Wilson Contractors won the Category B section for projects

up to ​$1 million at the Otago Branch 2016 Hynds
​Construction Awards