Location: Queenstown
Contract Value: $460,000
Project Completion Date:  August 2019
Company: Safari Group Limited

Project Details:

The project involved the earthworks for a 131-room hotel on a 2,180sqm plot of land on the corner of Frankton Road and Stanley Street, a busy main thoroughfare into the center of Queenstown.  A large Wellingtonian tree had to be preserved which took up a large area of the site.  It was imperative that the tree did not get damaged as it was the main focus of the Hotel’s design from the initial planning stage.  X-rays were taken to check the placement of the roots.  Piles were then laid amongst the tree roots so a hydrovac truck was used to remove the material safely without damaging the roots. 

Bulk earthworks included removing 2250m3 of fill removed off site. 825m3 had to be carted off site and returned to site at a later date due to the confined site and a lack of stockpiling areas.    Excavation for the drainlayers had to be staged to ensure we avoided previously excavated areas while construction works progressed.

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