Location: Pisa Mooring, Cromwell
Contract Value: $1.2 miillion
Project Completion Date:  February 2020
Company: Pisa Mooring Vineyard Ltd

Project Details:

The Pisa Moorings development is located 10km north of Cromwell and consists of several subdivisions.  Stage 4 contains 17 sections ranging in size from 600 to 1,000 m2.  The earthworks portion involved the removal of 2000m3 of fill which was left on site in a large bund beside the highway as a barrier for noise cancelling purposes.  2,000m3  of material was cut to waste.  We completed 170m of roading within the subdivision, including 480m of footpaths.  The project also included stormwater, water reticulation, 800m services and 350m foul sewage.  We thrust bore the water connection 3.5m deep to Perriam Cove under State Highway 6 and extended the CODC 300mm water main into the sub division to allow further expansion of Pisa Moorings in future stages.