linksgate subdivision

Location: Manse Road, Arrowtown
Contract Value: $2.155 million
Project Completion Date:  November 2016
Company: Suburban Estate Limited

Project Details:

The project involved the construction of a 33-lot sub division in Arrowtown.

A large earthworks portion included clearing 4,500m3 of topsoil to stockpile, 2,450m3 cut to waste offsite and 1,460m3 of topsoil to screen and re-spread.  Other works included excavation of borrow areas, benches and surface drainage facilities.  Carting excavated material to fill, stockpile mound or waste and  construction testing and certifying all fills.  The earthworks also included the demolition  and disposal off site of three buildings, sheds and structures including building slabs and foundations.  The water, sewer and stormwater construction included 2,200 metres of drainage and service trenches with pipes ranging in size from 32mm to 375mm diameter.  The water reticulation included trenching, laying, jointing, testing and backfilling as well as supplying and construction of anchor blocks, hydrants and valves, complete with boxes, markers and surface covers.  We also carried out all water mains testing during construction.  Pavement construction included shaping and compacting the subgrade, supplying and constructing base course, bedding sand, concrete paving blocks and joint filling sand.  Concrete kerbs and edging were also installed along with sumps and gratings.