Location: Kingston, near Queenstown
Contract Value: $973,000
Project Completion Date:  Dec 2019
Company: Moreteon Investments

Project Details:

The project involved the earthworks for a 22-lot subdivision in Kingston.  Wilson Contractors completed Stages 1-2, followed by Stages 3-6. Site clearing involved removing 1,600m3 of waste from site.  Several mounds and bunds were created as flood defense measures.  

80LM of Gabion basket creek protection was constructed on tight bends in the creek running through the site. There were three walls of varying height and profile up to 3.0m high. These were installed during the ORC permitted period to avoid interference with the fish spawning season. Three box culverts, headwalls and scour protection were supplied and constructed, two for pedestrians and one for vehicle access.   

The project also involved 790m of trenching for services and 786m of stormwater, plus the installation of fire hydrants.  4,600m2 of new pavement was constructed throughout the site along with almost 1000m of kerbing.