Location: Jacks Point, Queenstown
Contract Value: $12,000,000
Project Completion Date: October 2009
Project Details: Earthworks; Roading; Services; Landscaping

Wilson Contractors were involved with the Jacks Point Development for over 5 years, carrying out bulk excavation and roading in most stages of the development. We have constructed over 9 km of roading and in excess of 2km of rural walkway as well as preparing urban footpaths, services to hundreds of housing lots, an 18-hole championship golf course and a recreational lake facility. We completed 22,000m3 of bulk earthworks, 250,000m3 bulk earthworks for the construction of the recreational lake facility and it has been estimated we completed 350,000m3 of bulk earthworks in the construction of the Golf Course.

We were successfully involved in this project from the start, working closely with designers, engineers, specialist contractors, builders and developers. The standard of workmanship on this project has been highly commended by many people including Lakes Environmental inspectors.