The advantage of the Topcon guidance system is the high degree of accuracy available without the need for traditional setting-out.  This reduces the time spent on-site by surveyors as well as reducing the need for additional personnel to assist in the control of line and level position.  We also have a satellite guidance site survey system to assist the control and management of our construction operations.

Design information is digitally formatted and loaded onto a memory card (similar to those used in cameras), then inserted into the control / display unit within each piece of plant.  The operator then gets a visual display showing the bucket / blade position relative to the design model.

The system offers several benefits over conventional setting-out:-

  • Substantial savings on surveyors to set-out the work
  • Increased accuracy of construction, (design available across whole string, not just at setting-out points)
  • Increased speed of operation, no stopping to check work accuracy
  • Reduced staffing levels (labourer not required to help check accuracy).
  • A noticeably smoother ride when a road is constructed using a GPS machine control grader

The benefits continue as the project progresses, the ability to survey and record design surfaces and compute volumes allows us to know at any point throughout the project our progress and work remaining, giving us careful and accurate control of our material usage as well as accurate quantities for billing purposes.

Wilson Contractors has the latest in GPS machine control technology which can be utilised in both bulk earthworks and civil road construction.  Designs are produced in a format that can be efficiently exported into machine control, onsite works are completed efficiently and to high accuracy with as-builts and site measures being mapped as the work progresses,ensuring accurate and up to date records and quantities are available at all times.