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At Wilson Contractors We have extensive experience and knowledge in Vegetation Control. We have a large number of staff from a farming or rural background who are well versed and trained in the use of chainsaws, tractors and mulchers. Our team of mechanics regularly maintain and service our tractors. We own and operate our own quarries just outside of Kingston where we can stockpile and mulch the waste product; we recycle this waste product and use the mulch for landscaping. We have done extensive works in both Queenstown and in the Mackenzie District with the Queenstown trails trust and the Mackenzie trails charitable trust to remove and where possible recycle the trees and surrounding vegetation from the trails that we construct. The Department of Conservation have commended Wilson Contractors on the Vegetation clearance and control that we have undertaken when constructing their trails. Wilson Contractors undertake chainsaw handling and tree felling training on a regular basis as the projects we undertake are inevitably going to require vegetation clearance.

We currently own tractors that can have our mulchers fitted to the back of them, a positrack which has the mulchers fitted to the front of it, a logging grapple, a root rake bucket that fits onto our 12 Tonne and 20 Tonne excavators, and a mulching head that can also be fitted to the 12 and 20 Tonne excavators.

Our expertise includes; haul road construction and maintenance, construction of fire ponds, fire breaks and root raking.